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Erosion Control

Monster Lawn is the statewide leader in erosion control
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About us

Monster Lawn Hydroseeding & Landscaping is a family-owned, locally operated business in Devils Lake, ND that was born in 2002. What started as a side-hustle to earn extra money, expanded to the point we are today: one of the largest erosion control contractors in the state.

Owner, Chris Kurtz began offering hydro-seeding and landscaping services, with the help of a high school student. The operation quickly expanded to include a small division in the Fargo residential market. We were the first hydro-seeding company in North Dakota, and the process was not widely known at the time! It didn’t take long for it to catch on, which has allowed us steady and continued growth!

In 2004, our operations expanded beyond residential work, to include state, federal and municipal work on state highways and county roads. Today, we have 2 well-organized divisions, professionally managed and supported by a fantastic team. We recently expanded our services again, to include, automated sprinkler system installation and repairs.
We’re centrally located in the state of North Dakota, just North of Highway 2 in Devils Lake. We have a full array of materials here to meet the needs of residential DIYers, as well as to support other subcontractors and landscapers, as well as our own contracts. 

We welcome you to come see us to take a look at our inventory, as you try to plan your backyard projects. We’ll help you make good decisions about what landscaping and erosion control products you need to get the job done right!! There’s no job too big or too small. Call us today!

600 14th Ave SE, Devils Lake ND, 58301  |  (701) 662-7174